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Andy is a fat, short, jolly little fellow. Well, he isn't very Jolly, in fact, he has a tendency to complain quite frequently. He's a highschool student, even though he doesn't really work. He's Paul's best friend and Noit's owner. It's his childish mind that leads to many adventures. Also, rumor exist that he once almost swallowed his own hand.
Andy's first appearance: here

Paul can be considered to be Andy's best friends, even though they almost always disagree. He is an amutuer cartoonist and publishes his "webcomic" on the "internet", however Andy wishes that Paul cease his attempts at getting a readership due to Paul's somewhat sub-efficent drawing and writing ability. For the most part, he is the strips straightman, but that only goes so far. He would like to begin a romantic relationship with a female, but sadly, his nerdish appearance leads only to him being used.
Paul's first appearance: here

Mike is a hacker at heart, at his liver, and every part of his body. He spends more time on his computer than is healthy even for a "nerd" .This causes him to have trouble dealing with most reality-based problems. He claims to be a computer god, but most of the time he's just chatting about Carl Barks on IRC.
Mike's first appearance: here

Ned can be called a retard, a moron, a fool, but those are all harsh terms. We perfer to call him someone who possess abundant ignorance for comedic purpose. He's dumber than a bar of soap, a very dumb bar of soap. He's quite the weirdo who has been through quite a number of jobs and occupations.
Ned's first appearance: Here

OZWALD the world's biggest housefly, he was a housefly, and he's big, that's about it. Also, he spent a third of his life under a piece of cloth.
Ozwald's first appearance: here

Melvin is a devil, not the devil, but a devil. You see, he's the middle child in a family of three siblings, so he doesn't get much attention. He once tried to buy Andy's soul, however some crafty barganing crossed with a misunderstanding caused Andy to get Melvin's soul. Now Melvin spends most of his time attempting to get his soul back through any means possible. He might one day actually get it back, if it weren't for his bad case of insecurity.
Melvin's first appearance: here

Janine is alpha female in the It's Gravy cast. She would like to be popular, but is too busy being herself and hanging out with Paul and Andy for that. Paul and Andy wouldn't mind if she became popular and started to hang out with other people though. She has a signifigant romantic interest in
Janine's first appearance: Here

- His name is quite hard for a human to pronounce, possibly impossible. So most people just refer to him as "The New Kid", no matter how long he's been around. He exists as an enigma. he's quite shy, and when he does meet people, he has a tendency to scare them off. Of course, that kind of thing happens when you wear a cape around school and however a few inches off the ground at all times. It is suspected that he is a vampire, but this theory has disproven. He does have the ability to summon up deamons, so what kind of mythical creature he is is still up to speculation. He considers Janine to be one of his friends, but he holds a grudge against Andy.
's first appearance: Here

Sarah is one of the coolest people in school. Or so she claims, nobody is really sure. She isn't the brightest girl in the highschool (who is probaly Janine), so she is a perfect couple with Dan.
Sarah's first appearance: here

Dan: football
Dan's first appearance: football

Ed is shy, he hangs out mostly by himself pondering the universe and why he doesn't have as many friends. The reason for this is that whenever somebody does hang out with him, rather than making him happier, he usually just leads to the other person becoming more depressed. He had a short interspecial relationship with a demon, but that romance was hindered since they were from different worlds.
Ed's first depressing appearance:Here

IncredibleMan is the resident professional Super-Hero, He is a symbol of truth, justice, and uhh, confusion. You see those two things on his costume arn't really arrows made so airplanes don't crash into him while he's flying. they actually are supposed to form an "I". His Super Powers include the ability to fly, and have signifigant media coverage at all times. Incredible. He also has his own line of overpriced merchandising and a cartoon show.
IncredibleMan's first Increderific appearance: Here

Alexis is the school's resident goth chick whom nobody talks too. She whole heartedly believes that she is a genuines goth. Howevery nobody quite knows for sure. She has tried to use Noit as a sacrifice to the dark lord, however this plan was thwarted by Noit's cuteness.
Alexis' first appearance: here

The President of ConglomCo Inc. would be the evil mastermind behind a criminal organization using a ConglomCo Inc. as it's front. However he isn't, because despite his somewhat impressive ammount of evil, he isn't the brightest bulb in the toxic waste production industry. He is very reliant on his assistant Julie to keep him from blowing his entire bussiness's funds on one of his silly get-richer-quick schemes like otherworldly insurance.
The President and Julie's first appearance: here

Julie is The Presiden't assistant. She aspires to run the company herself one day, any nobody is quite sure why she doesn't just get rid off the President and take over. She has shown she doesn't mind causing a bit of harm to some to somebody else. Mostly she just keeps the company running smoothly and makes sure the President doesn't do anything stupid.
The President and Julie's first appearance: here

The mysterious old man showed up one day in an attempt to develop a storyline, this technique failed and all he did was give Andy a million dollars. He spends most of his time running from the ducks, of course, we all know he's insane and these ducks don't exist, right?
his first appearance: here

Honest Al sells stuff. It's not sure if he's really honest or not, but he sure can sell up some stuff. Most of the items he useful (like a vampire stake), useless (like dehydrated water), or somehwere in between (Noit).
Honest Al first appearance: Here

Matt Garder is the guy who draws the strips, blame him and his fancy-schmancy sketch comedy when the strip doesn't update. He has a bit of expierience in the world of Klik and Play Amutuer game creation. Now he spend a lot of his time working at The Roost while he kisses various guys, many various guys. He sleeps with 3 different males every week, none of whom he's ever met before.
Matt's first appearance (sorta)

Harold is Matt's goatee. A sex icon to all who know him. The pure incarnartion of all the desirable qualities of a man. he is frequently torn into shreds to satisfy Matt's insane murderous bloodlust.
Harold's first appearance: (sorta)

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