Cute-I-Mon #1
(The Beginning)

Cute-I-Mon #2
Cute-I-Mon #3
Cute-I-Mon #4

Spoofs have always been my one true love in comics, the only comics of mine before It's Gravy that were even remotely funny were my spoofs.  This is my most recent one, and it's probably my most popular, this is also my first full page comic that I inked.

Although I never intended to when I wrote the first page, I made a continuation.  It's become a surprise hit for me, everyone I've shown it to enjoys at least one part of Cute-I-Mon.  Yay!  And one picture on this page has gotten a lot of people to bust out laughing simply from looking at it, I think you'll know it when you see it.

Well, it wouldn't be an anime spoof if there weren't some really lame cheesy villains and a mysterious stranger, so here they are.  Back when I originally drew this someone at work (I worked at Chuck E Cheese then) spilled soda syrup all over it and it took forever to edit the brown blobs out of the scan, just thought you'd like to know.

And now the first confrontation between the clueless heroes and the equally clueless villains.  This ended up being nowhere near as funny as I had thought it would be, oh well, it happens.

Cute-I-Mon #5
(The Challenge)

Cute-I-Mon #6
(Noit vs. Druel)
Cite-I-Mon #7
(Team Locket Returns)
Cite-I-Mon #8
(Noit vs. Mrow)

I don't feel like describing right now.

Yes!  You asked for it, the climatic duel between trainers!

No this isn't the end hopefully.  I really like the timing of this one.

Ack, I love this page.  I brought back the villains which seemed to breath some new life into this comic for me.

And the villains are becoming somewhat interesting, I'll have to use them more in the future.

Incredibly overdramatic in order to make it funnier.  Notice that I slightly changed Noit's design to make him much more three-dimensional.

Cute-I-Mon #9
(Lunar Princess)

How much longer can I drag out this one joke comic.
Noit's dead, but according to you guys this comic isn't, we'll see how long I can keep it going before you guys get bored with it.