These are all pretty old...  the newest one is from two years ago...

Gamers #1

Gamers #2

This comic is still lost, I'm considering redrawing it because it was funny...

And at the time I drew it (several years ago) I thought the change in view between players and characters was rather innovative, but by now it's been done a ton online, oh well

Ah, memories of roleplaying in groups that never got ANYTHING done.

Gamers #3 Gamers #4

I wish these were as exaggerated as they look, but they aren't

This is my personal favorite of the bunch, not sure why.  And it references Mephistimo, who was originally the villain in all my fantasy comics whom you never see, he's just mentioned occasionally, the character has now become a character who shows up occasionally in my sketch comedy show.  He's a lot of fun to write.