The Hero #1

The Hero #2
(Our hero)
The Hero #3

This is an old comic I made a few years back, I consider it to be my first truly funny comic.  I liked it so much I decided to redo it, with better drawings and a bit more thought into the plot, here's what I've got so far.

Unlike the other two comics on this page, this one wasn't intended to be a one-shot.  It ran 12 pages, so far I've lengthened the first page and a half into three pages, my goal is around 25 like a real comic, then I could sell it... yesss....

In this page I introduce the story's villains.  Hopefully they'll be a lot more interesting than they were in the original.

The Hero #4
(Mr. Bad)

Hah, the villain in this comic ended up looking a lot cooler than I expected!  Well, this page is totally original, none of this was in the old version of this comic.  Doesn't that make you just feel happy-special?  Didn't think so...