It's Me #1
(Based on a true story)

It's Me #2
(A little less exaggerated this time)
It's Me #3
(The Return)

I was in a WEIRD mood when I did this, this is probably my favorite comic I have ever done so far.

I was in an even weirder mood when I did this one, and it introduces one of my least menacing villains ever.

Well, this is the comic I've got most requests to do another, so I did, hope you like it, but this is a bit outdated (I just quit that job)

It's Me #4
(The events of last weekend)
It's Me #4 *color*
(The amazing technicolor events of last weekend)
It's Me #5
(Why I hate Wal-Mart)

Well, anyone who has ever been to an art supply store knows that this is nowhere near the exaggeration I'd like it to be.  No it wasn't quite this bad, but it was pretty close.  I think this one is my favorite 'It's Me' yet

Good ol' Grosse liked this one so much that he colored it for me.  And he did a mighty spiffy-keen job of it if I do say so myself.

The first It's Me with a far more accurate drawing of myself.  This was inspired by a really annoying cashier a had to endure trying to buy olives as a prop for the Halloween show 'Boo! The Stageplay' last October

It's Me #6
(Waiting at the airport)

Here's a comic I drew waiting at the Peoria airport for Pete to arrive. If you ever go there, not the floor. It really looks like that. No joke. Anyway, I think the tacky terrorist bit makes this one worth posting.